Thursday, February 15, 2007

Increasing Humidity Hack

During the winter months your houseplants will benefit from any attempts at increasing humidity in your home. We live in homes with heating that is designed to be comfortable for us but what is comfortable for us and be detrimental to our plants. You may even notice the effects of the dry air inside your home manifest themselves in the form of dry skin or dry nasal passages. If the dry air is affecting you it's also affecting your houseplants.

There are many expensive ways to increase humidity in your home. One of the most used methods is plugging in a humidifier but that can be costly because of the electricity used and replacement of filters. On top of the costs it's also not environmentally friendly to have a humdifier running twenty four hours a day.

Another method of increasing humidity in your home is installing a humidifier that is connected to your forced air unit. Again, cost, maintenance and environmental impact is an issue. So what can you do to help your plants make it through the dry winter months? Here are some easy and cheap solutions that are eco-friendly and cheap.

Instead of drying your sweaters, towels and jeans in a dryer hang them out to dry in your home and around your plants. You're already paying to heat your home so put that heat to use. If you wash and dry at a laundromat it will saves you money and time. If you dry your clothes at home this will save you money on your energy bill.

Do you have pots that are glazed and don't have drainage holes? Fill them with water and set them in warm areas around your home and near your plants.

Make a humidity tray of out plant saucers, take out containers and various things around your house and sit your plants on them.

These just some simple and frugal ways you can increase the humidity in your home during the winter months that will be a benefit to you and your houseplants.

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